Flee. Marry. Die.

In the spring of 2019, after the ‘caliphate’ established by ISIS had finally crumbled, children of jihadists and their niqab-clad mothers filled the refugee camp in Al-Hol, among them two Norwegian-Somali sisters already well-known to the Norwegian public. Their radicalisation had been carefully documented by Åsne Seierstad in Two Sisters, her award-winning 2016 work of reportage. … Continue reading Flee. Marry. Die.

‘Slow prose’ in the age of quarantining

In the last decade, Norwegians appear to have become connoisseurs of unhurried culture, beginning with the introduction of ‘slow-TV’ in 2009, when we discovered that live footage from a camera strapped to a moving train made for spellbinding television. Readers might place Jon Fosse’s latest novel The Other Name: Septology I-II in the same category of entertainment … Continue reading ‘Slow prose’ in the age of quarantining